Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alex, I'll take "Things that cross the line" for $200.

"I know, right? As soon as she said she was getting her lip pierced, I couldn't resist!"

My co-cashier worker friend and I were chatting it up a couple minutes before the store closed.   The topic of choice?  My decision to get my eyebrow pierced.  When a customer would walk through, we'd immediately hush, but that didn't stop one lady from giving her views.

"You're getting your eyebrow pierced?" 

I look at her a bit skeptical of where this conversation was going, but I'm like the Indiana Jones of cashiers. 

"Yeah, tomorrow I'm going with a friend. I'm a bit nervous about the pain, but I think I'll be fine."

In an instance, the middle aged women cups her breast and says like a true saint, "Last year, I had both my nipples done!  It was the BEST decision of my life!"

Red faced, I give her the change, and fake a Customer Service desk problem that needs my assistance.  If I've typed it once, I'll type it a thousand more times...cashier's like talking to you, we just don't want to know EVERYTHING about you.  We're perfectly content with knowing the bare minimum.


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