Saturday, January 10, 2009

Robert Frost, You've got some competition!

I had a major connection with a four year old at my work awhile ago.

Before this story, though, I should give the back story. Friday night, while I was at work, my parakeet, Isabelle, grew another pair of wings and went to Birdie Heaven. It would have been a year next week that I had had her. Naturally, I balled my eyes out. Saturday morning, I just kept looking at Fernando (Isabelle's spanish lover) in his cage and realized that he too looked sad.I had to be at work by 5. 

So there I was, still in mourning, scanning diapers at KMart.That's when it happened...This lady dragged her four year old son to the counter while I did the usual routine.

Scan....Bag.....Scan.....Bag.....Scan....Bag....Price Check...Scan...Bag....

The boy looks up at me and in an instance we had a major connection. Without even a hint of hesitation, the conversation went something like this:

Boy: Hey.

D: Hey.

Boy: Your name really D****?

D: Yep.

Boy: So it's not short for anything?

D: Nope.

Boy: I knew a D****. It was short for something.

D: It happens.


Boy: My fish died.

D: My bird died.

Boy: Yeah. What kinda bird was it?

D: Parakeet. What kinda fish was it?

Boy: Koi. 


D: What did your fish die of?

Boy: Cancer. What did your bird die of?

D: Don't know.

*more silence*

Boy: You know animals just die, right? It happens.

D: *stares* Yeah, well... it shouldn't. 

*Silence x12*

Boy: You can't blame yourself. I don't blame myself for flipper dying.

D: Flipper is a fish. Isabelle was a living being. She was like my sister from another mister....You know?

Boy: Word.

That four year old kid will be the next Ghandi....or Snoop Dogg. Either one seem efficient and worldly.


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