Monday, January 19, 2009

Burn my bra! It's gonna be one of those days!

I absolutely LOVE the people who blame cashier's for all the problems in the store.  If the dressing room is messy, it's the cashier's problem.  If the coke machine is out of Diet Coke, it's the cashier's fault.  

A large, sweaty man with one lazy eye walks through my line with Shout cleaner and something man-like for cars. Scanning both, I read out the total to him.  At first, he begins to thumb through his wallet for the cash, but then, as if his internal lightbulb prematurely flickered, he demands that I do a price check on the Shout.

"There was a HUGE sign in the back that said $2!  What kinda scam are you trying to pull lady?"

Without any emotion, I trudge to the phone and call housewears.  Before I can even explain the product, the man turns a rare shade of purple and storms to the back, shouting at me to hold his spot the whole way back.

The poor people waiting behind him, nervously shuffle and sigh knowing this is going to be one of 'those' types of customers.

He returns empty handed while I'm on the phone with the associate who explained to him that the $2 was for a generic brand next to it.  The man takes one look at me and unleashes a river of hatred towards me.

"It's not a MAN's job to have to read signs. It's a woman's!  I had to have some BOY tell me that you all are crooks.  This place is ridiculous!  You have MEN doing women's jobs all around here!  Folding clothes and scanning shit!  Why...if times were like that of my grand-pappy, I would have a women tell me the price and I would get the Shout for $2 because it's obviously a mistake made by her to get my hard earned money!  I'm a bread winner, so I won't put up with this kind of thievery!"

Needless to say, it was nothing but a scene to say the least.  It didn't help that after all that, the lady behind him and to say, "I agree whole heartedly.  The man should do the man's work and the women...women's."

After giving him his 'hard earned' change, I monotonously do my usual, "Have a nice day, sir."

My friend at the register behind me had to literally put a hand on my shoulder to keep from lunging at his face when he smirked, "Wow, I really got you hot and heavy, didn't I?"

I hope a women is the one to take him outta this world....because that is a WOMEN's job! ;)


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