Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the Season!

Unlike the majority of the stores in town, my store decided to rebellious and stay open till the wee hours of 10. Even the almighty Wal*Mart was closed by then.

At 9:55 p.m. the closing announcement was proclaimed and the herds of bargain shopping cows decided to finally give up. Slowly grazing to the front, they pile their stuff on the counter.

One particular couple bought $33 worth of stuff and then the drama begins...

"I have $5 on this particular bank card can I just use it? You know...just to get all the cash off of it."

I sighed lightly trying to hide my annoyance. I understand that the holidays are tough for everyone, but this kinda stuff just kills me. At my particular store, if you try to scan your card first, the register will take the total amount off. If the funds aren't on the card, it will simply decline the card.

Trying to explain this to the lady, I can see the confusion of my words twisting her face into a scowl.

Her husbands trys to explain what I had said as well, and still, she remained confused.

Finally, she seems to understand the concept and in slow motion, I watch her hand me two $20's.

Now it was my turn to be confused. Why would you make it complicated if you had the money? *sigh*

The lady then tries to do the unthinkable. I cannot fully explain in words the exact idea, but somehow she wanted me to split the cost of into thirds using only 2/3rd's for the total, and give her the remaining....

At this point, she loses her mind. Literally, she flings her purse onto the table and yells over the crowd for me to go, and I quote, "Fuck myself".

The registers for the first time, quiet to an amazing hush. All eyes are on me and my reaction. Oh, the possibilities were all there for disaster. Unfortunely for this lady, I was onto her little scheme and my stubborness refused to let me go down like a punk. Hell no! My skin is thicker then that.

Like that of a saint, I calmly hand her the change and bag her items with nothing less then a full "Eat shit and die" smile.

Turning towards her husbands, the following words leave my lips...

"Happy Holidays, SIR."

She whips around and calls me every name in the book for that, but it was all worth it.

Tis the season, I suppose. Speaking of which, I hope everyone has a great holiday. Stay safe and please, make sure to compliment your cashier.


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