Monday, December 29, 2008

Is that a bunny in a boiling pot of water?!?

I am sad to announce that I cheated. Yes, I am a retail store adulterer.

After arriving in Alabama to visit family, I realize that I have forgotten the one job I had for this gathering. The gift.

It slipped my mind completely. Of course, I remember with only an hour to spare. Frantically racing across the Alabama/Mississppi line, I have my first sinful thought.

There,glowing like the north star, is the same retail store that I work at begging me to see what the grass on the other side looks like. I might have shaken the thought, but then the image of my 10% discount flashed across my mind sending my turn signal on and my car racing.

The moment my foot is in the door, I stop in amazement. This is no regular store. This is the Nirvana of all retail stores.

The cashiers actually had someone who would bring them change or do price checks! Those same cashiers looked thrilled to be there! The lights worked properly and none of them pulsed above your head as if sending some unknown Morse code message is being sent. Objects were placed in their proper locations!

I felt like a cheater when I left, gift in hand. I had crossed over to the dark side.

This store made mine look like a kitten next to a tiger.

But, oh, it felt so good to be bad....


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