Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thanks to hard economic times, there is a new trend quickly taking flight. The ability to pay for large items, solely with small bills or coins, is the new black.

Yesterday, a lady goes through my line to pay off her credit card. I pull up the program to do such activity on my register and then am blown away with what happens next.

The lady lays down a bank bag with $400 in ones. The best part? I have to manually count every single one to confirm the total.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have, by far, the worst case of A.D.D possible, so to have to count ones and be expected to keep up with the numbers is rediculous.

Then, today an older women pays for her purchase with $20 worth of quarters in a ziplock bag.

The economy is bad, but please keep in mind that your cashier HAS to count every coin and/or bill to make sure they have the right amount.

Don't make me want to shove those quarters up your nose or give you dollar cuts. It's not a pretty sight.


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